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Replacing dilapidated and damaged banknotes
Worn banknotes, decrepit banknotes, mold banknotes, mold banknotes, damp, without corners, without parts, torn, punctured, burned banknotes and banknotes after a fire, sticky, torn to pieces, stained, banknotes with inscriptions and stamps, injured from chemicals, washable notes, after storage in the cellar and others.

Exchange of old pounds and pounds sterling of any issues
British pound, Scottish pound, North Irish pound, Isle of Man pound, Hernsky pound, Jersey pound, Gibralt pound, Saint Helena pound, Falkland Islands pound

Exchange of 150 world currencies
Australian dollar, Azerbaijani manat, Albanian lek, Algerian dinar, East Caribbean dollar, Angolan kwanzaa, Argentinean peso, Armenian dram, Aruban florin, Afghan, Afghani Bahamian dollar, Bangladeshi taka, Barbados dollar, Bahraini Belarusian ruble, Belorussian, Belarussian CFA Franc BCEAO, Bermuda Dollar, Bulgarian Lev and others

Exchange of old-style banknotes
Old US dollars, old pounds sterling, old Norwegian kroner, old Danish kroner, old Hungarian forint, old Romanian leu, old Canadian dollars, old Australian dollars, old New Zealand dollars, old Singapore dollars, old Belarusian rubles, old Swiss francs, old Mexican pesos and some others.

Exchange of foreign coins
Euro, Pounds Sterling, US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona, Danish Krone, Czech Koruna, Polish Zloty, Hungarian Forint, Bulgarian Lev, Romanian Leu, Croatian Kuna, Belarusian Ruble, Moldovan Leu, Georgian Lari, Australian Dollar, New Zealand dollar, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Chinese yuan, Japanese yen in coins

Exchange of pre-euro currencies
German Deutschmarks, Austrian shilling, Dutch guilder, Belgian franc, Luxembourg franc, Portuguese escudo, Spanish peseta, Irish pound, Slovak koruna, Slovenian tolar, Lithuanian litas, Latvian lat, Estonian kroon