About us

Replacing dilapidated and damaged banknotes of 150 world currencies is what can be said about us. We replace damaged and dilapidated genuine banknotes of many world currencies if more than half of the banknote remains intact or it can be proved that the rest of the banknote has been destroyed.

Saving your money

If you have any specific questions, please contact us directly. What should I do? Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for money lost on the way to us. Please ask your delivery service provider if cash can be sent and how. Especially the coins. And how to pack and, if necessary, insure your money.

Intentionally damaged Euro banknotes will not be replaced. The same applies to banknotes that have already been devalued by a branch of the relevant state bank. In 21st century society, we often feel like slaves to the almighty dollar. Economic downturns and salaries dictate much of what we do, think and buy.

Our pockets ring a trifle, and wallets are inflated from cash, if we are lucky! Cash is what we still cannot live without. For many services, and this is a popular form of currency around the world – relatively inexpensive, easily portable. It is accepted everywhere.

An average banknote can change hands hundreds of times over the course of its life. And at some point it will almost inevitably be torn. Destroyed, crushed, burned or any other type of damaged that simply cannot be repaired. We will always help to exchange damaged and dilapidated bills.